Granelli Audio Labs G5790
About Us

Granelli Audio Labs was started in 2009 by John Grant of Secret Sound Studio and his friend and colleague Tony Correlli of The Deep End Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Each are established, full-time recording engineers and producers who have worked with platinum selling artists as well as countless Mid-Atlantic area bands.

About the G5790

After talking shop late one night, John and Tony decided that it would be worthwhile to modify one of their SM57s to make it easier to position in a crowded drum kit. They went out and got a PVC plumbing elbow and modifed one just for their own use. Upon seeing the mic in the studio, drummers would frequently comment on it with interest, and colleagues began inquiring about how to get their own modified SM57. It became clear right away that this modification would be very useful both in the studio and live. So after many designs, tests, and refinements, the labor of love grew into a new, high quality product that they call the G5790. This microphone can now be found in major recording studios and on the road with professional sound companies and freelance engineers all around the world.

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