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Granelli Audio Labs G5790

The G5790 is a real SM57 modified to turn 90 degrees. Granelli Audio Labs uses brand new Shure® SM57s and inserts a custom-made aluminum part with an acoustically-engineered internal sound path. The result is a microphone that maintains the SM57's renowned durability and familiar tone while increasing functionality.

Giving engineers an edge

The G5790 gives engineers more options when miking crowded drum kits, allowing them to choose a position that minimizes unwanted bleed and does not obstruct the drummer. It also creates a neater appearance and takes up much less space on stage when miking speaker cabinets, percussion, and a number of other sources.

Changing the shape, not the sound

Inside the handle of the SM57 is a small acoustic chamber that affects the tone of the microphone. Our patented design manages to change the shape of this chamber without increasing the air volume. That is critical to keeping the sound that engineers know and trust. Granelli did not adjust the frequency response, alter the pickup pattern, or change any other components inside the microphone. It's still the mic engineers love, with the mod it's always needed.

Durability and Quality

The part that we have added is machined out of a solid block of aluminum and then threaded into the original microphone's body. Our modifications are done by hand without the use of power tools, welding, or any other process that may harm the original microphone. Each unit is individually tested after modification, and guaranteed by our two-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I send my SM57 to you for modification?"

We're sorry that we do not offer that service. We only modify brand new SM57s that we purchase from authorized dealers. We do offer a Do-It-Yourself conversion kit that comes with the machined part, wires and heat-shrink tubing, and instructions that you or a qualified tech in your area can use to modify your SM57 or SM58.

To learn more about the modification process and eligible microphones, click here.

If you would like a brand new SM57 that has been professionally modified, tested, and guaranteed with a two-year warranty, you can order a completed unit here.

"Are you affiliated with Shure?®"

We're not affiliated, but we've become friends over the process of developing this mod. They seem glad that we've helped their ubiquitous mic become even more ubiquitous. We are an independent company, so the G5790 is not a Shure product and is no longer covered by the SM57's original warranty. We offer our own two-year warranty.

"Does your mod change the tone of the mic?"

It took a few prototypes to get it right, but we finally achieved the results we were looking for. We sent mics to be independently tested by Arthur Sloatman of Midget Electronics in Nashville and by the lab at Shure. Arthur sent us specs that confirmed identical results on the same mic before and after modification, and Shure told us that the on axis frequency response was "a near perfect match."

We've also been asked if the body of the mic makes an impact either way since it's behind the capsule. You can see for yourself by unscrewing one of your stock SM57s and testing the tone with the back open or by stuffing the inside of the mic with some kind of absorptive material. You will notice a change because acoustical pathways coming from behind the capsule reach into the open space in the middle of the microphone. This space was engineered by the original mic's designers, and we had to engineer a new version of this internal cavity that would fit our modified shape yet produce the same results. Read more in our interview with

About Us

Granelli Audio Labs was started in 2009 by John Grant of Secret Sound Studio and his friend and colleague Tony Correlli of The Deep End Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Each are established, full-time recording engineers and producers who have worked with platinum selling artists as well as countless Mid-Atlantic area bands.

About the G5790

After talking shop late one night, John and Tony decided that it would be worthwhile to modify one of their SM57s to make it easier to position in a crowded drum kit. They went out and got a PVC plumbing elbow and modified one just for their own use. Upon seeing the mic in the studio, drummers would frequently comment on it with interest, and colleagues began inquiring about how to get their own modified SM57. It became clear right away that this modification would be very useful both in the studio and live. So after many designs, tests, and refinements, the labor of love grew into a new, high-quality product that they call the G5790. This microphone can now be found in major recording studios and on the road with professional sound companies and freelance engineers all around the world.

Shure® is a registered trademark of Shure Incorporated. Granelli Audio Labs is in no way affiliated with Shure Incorporated.
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